Sunday, November 2, 2014


I suck as a blogger. I have terrible time management and though I spend so much time online I never blog and I'm sorry. So it's already November! Wow it feels like just yesterday I left for India (which was June 1st) anywho.... I have started LACROSSE DUN DUN DUUNNNNNN!!! I have never played a sport in my life so this is really new to me, but I feel like I should play a sport because everyone I know does something or the other, like dance or swim or track or karate. I'm the only one that does absolutely nothing.  Soo yeah! Lacrosse is actually really fun and I really enjoy it. I really hope that I won't let my team down. FINGERS CROSSED!! ANYWHOO!!! That's mostly it! TODAY AND YESTERDAY WAS DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!!! (DAY OF THE DEAD). It is a Mexican holiday and we were learning about it in Spanish the other day! Also last Friday was HALLOWEEN!! Now I am one of those people who's parents don't like Halloween. But on Thursday at my church we had a Halloween Party and it was pirate themed so I dressed up in my brother's Jack Sparrow costume and went. IT WAS A BLAST!!! And on Friday they let me pass out candy in my costume which was TONNSSS of Fun! My bro even went trick o treating. He was actually supposed to go play basketball with his friends but instead he went trick o treating so YEAHHHH! WE HAVE TONS OF CANDY NOW!!

I should really get back to doing my homework. I'll catch you on the flip-side! (I have no idea what that means! LOL)